The newest and greatest donut flavour has just arrived, but this flavour is just a little bit special as I got the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Father, Daughter duo that is The'ArtyVegan. These guys know their way around vegan dairy alternatives and zero waste produce. The collaboration features the use of their waste pulp, Okara, in my donuts, making them extra moist, spongy and morish.
Here is a little bit about The Arty Vegan:

"We are, a father and daughter culinary duo who have been vegan for over thirty years, to bring fresh, handmade, clean, and ‘green’ goods to food-lovers across London.
We specialise in the sustainable uses of the soya bean, and with a team of diverse foodie appassionatos and a high quality, artisanal craft approach, we are proud to look at ‘vegan cooking’ with a broad audience in mind.

The’artyvegan is a local London business, but our food is made for everyone."


The donuts are just a small part of this super exciting collaboration, head to The'Artyvegan website to see a super limited edition sweet treat box which features the Portia Bakes Vegan okara matcha donuts, their classic choco flavoured soya milk and their brand new and delicious miso and vanilla arty gelato (which I have eaten way too much of, you definitely don't want to miss out!).


Photos by Terry at Be The Future Market

Okara Matcha & Strawberry Donuts - Box of 6

  • Contains: Gluten & Soya 


    Flour (Gluten), sugar, soya milk, okara (waste pulp), apple cider vinegar, apple, sunflower oil, raising agents (Sodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Sulphate), vanilla, matcha (green tea), strawberries.